Rush Limbaugh Dead at 70

I’m devastated.

Kathryn Limbaugh, the wife of conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh, announced his death Wednesday on his radio show to his millions of listeners. (Fox News)

I obviously wasn’t a Trump guy so I disagreed with Rush a lot over these last 5 years but I became a Talk Radio host because of Rush Limbaugh, we all did.   Any host who says otherwise is lying. Rush Limbaugh saved AM radio from obscurity and single-handedly created the modern-day conservative media complex.

People say that the NFL owned a day of the week. Well, there is no doubt that el Rushbo owned a time of the day. Rush took the least profitable time slot on radio and turned it into the most profitable. Noon to 3 will never be the same.

I am truly heartbroken today

(This is the Rush I will always remember.  Golden EIB microphone, contrast collar, and a cigar)