GOP’s Changing Economics

This caught my eye this morning before workAxios is reporting on the GOP’s changing economic philosophy as it eyes its working-class future.

Top Republican officials tell Axios that if the party is going to survive, it needs to copy Donald Trump’s fixation on blue-collar voters in 2016 and working-class and minority voters in 2020 — and ditch, or at least downplay, allegiance to big business. 

From Reagan to Romney, the GOP has stood for less government, lower taxes, and entitlement reform.  Trump tossed these ideas out the window and polling shows he is not alone.

By the numbers: Asked to respond to a statement once considered Republican Party orthodoxy — “Cutting the rate of taxes paid by the richest Americans helps to increase economic growth for all of us” — 46% said they disagreed.

8 years ago, this would be apostasy in the Republican Party.  Now it is a plurality.