Three-Martini Lunch Links

🍸 The Verge explains how r/wallstreetbets gamed the stock of GameStop, but reminds everyone that house always wins, especially if you are trading with Robinhood (The Verge) Michael Brendan Dougherty writes about the GameStop mania, “Even with all this money sloshing around from the Fed, and the way it is propping up Boomer retirement accounts — it really feels like a silly season just before a correction.” (National Review)

🍸 Some disturbing news from the DMV, as a large percentage of nursing home workers in D.C., Maryland and Virginia have declined to take the coronavirus vaccine, officials say, presenting a major challenge in the region’s plans to protect its most vulnerable residents. (Washington Post)

🍸 Three of the four presidents of the 21st century refused to touch alcohol. Meanwhile, Winston Churchill would begin each morning with a “whiskey mouthwash” before having his first glass (or three) of Pol at breakfast. FDR’s own intake was nothing short of heroic…Together, Churchill and Roosevelt whipped Adolf Hitler and saved Europe from fascism. What have our abstemious elites done lately? (American Conservative)