Good and Bad for U.S. Manufacturing

Some good and bad news for manufactures in the US. A quicker-than-ex­pected re­cov­ery in the sector is re­sult­ing in sup­ply dis­rup­tions and higher costs for ma­te­ri­als used in prod­ucts meet­ing in­creased de­mand. (Wall Street Journal)

Prices for steel, alu­minum, lum­ber and other ma­te­ri­als are ris­ing in re­sponse to higher or­der vol­umes. Com­mod­ity sup­ply chains are now clogged with or­ders, caus­ing some pro­duc­ers to add week­end hours and over­time for em­ploy­ees. Or­ders that took a week or two to fill dur­ing the sum­mer now re­quire six to eight weeks, ac­cord­ing to man­u­fac­tur­ers cop­ing with ex­tended wait times for es­sen­tial sup­plies.