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UNC’s final four hopes were dashed last night as they lose to Wisconsin in the sweet 16, Kentucky destroyed West Virginia so bad many are having bracket remorse, Coach Dean Smith reminds of what used to be so great about college basketball, US Senate passes a budget after the vote-a-rama, and some are worried 2016 contenders jockeying for position could impede Washington’s ability to get things done

Charlottesville PD reports NO EVIDENCE to substantiate claim made in Rolling Stone article, Phi Kappa Psi Frat HOPEFULLY will sue the magazine, Ted Cruz announces yesterday but it did not seem to be the celebratory response that some expected as many compared Cruz to Obama and some wondering if his focus on the national level spotlight has been at the expense of political relationships required to run for president

The X Files is coming back for a 6 episode run, the press is convinced they’ve caught Ted Cruz contradicting himself when in reality they are just showing their own ignorance on the very issues they claim to know, and Justice Anthony Kennedy may have shown his hand with regards to the upcoming Obamacare ruling

Bowe Bergdahl charged with desertion facing a penalty of life in prison, many now questioning why the President would give so much (5 Taliban prisoners) for someone who is now being charged as a deserter it shows either the president LIED about the prisoner swap or he is just that ignorant about military service which are two awful choices to have about a commander-in-chief

New HBO movie coming out on Clarence Thomas won’t focus on his inspiring background, instead it will focus on his confirmation hearing SHOCKER, and the Hillary Clinton’s scandal gets worse as State Dept Spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, says Hillary was not given a SECURE Government Blackberry and then it turns out HER TEAM picked to sort through the public and private emails didn’t read em they just searched for keywords…

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