TUESDAY’S GUEST: Senator Michael Lee

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Coach K gets win number 1,000th, Washington Post discusses black wealth problem in America but seems to not emphasize the self segregation of the black community as well as the Community Reinvestment Act that targeted minorities with predatory lending loans that has decimated the net worth of Black Americans | 6 Democrats vy for the state chair position, old Democrat pols reminisce

Former North Carolina Republican Lawmaker, Stephen LaRoque pleads guilty to one count of the federal counts he is charged with, CBO announces the deficit i at the lowest level since Obama took office but it is not expected to last, and fear in the investment community grows as the Obama Administration looks at taxing savings… | There are no men behind the curtain or illuminati

President Obama’s State of the Union goes as most expected as he calls for higher taxes and does a good job of claiming the economy is all his doing, he also fails to mention the conflict in the middle east, for obvious reasons, but other than that he thinks our foreign policy is going great! | A girl claims she was raped at a Duke University frat party, do you think anyone will believe her, the NHC commission votes to approve the 40 million dollar AET building on CFCC’s north campus

Immigration bill and it’s amendments move forward in the house now it all comes down to the Senate, Matt Lewis has an interesting observation as to why the GOP base supported Dubya but not Jeb, and Democrats really do not understand basic economic principles like GDP… | Leaders in the GOP are kinda ambiguous when it comes to the 2015 agenda as Raleigh gets ready for the years legislative agenda, Teacher pay is back on the agenda for 2015 it seems

More terror in Paris this morning as two suspects from the Charlie Hebdo massacre are held up with hostages surrounded by police, Obama announces plan to provide free tuition for community college doesn’t explain how he is going to pay for it though, and the the dumbest minute on cable news EVER now officially exists as some dude on MSNBC compares the massacre in the offices of Charlie Hebdo to Jerry Falwell suing Larry Flynt…

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